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I’m Elizabeth Pavka, PhD, RD, LD/N, Wholistic Nutritionist in Asheville, North Carolina. As a nationally registered dietitian and a state licensed nutritionist, I’ve been working as a wholistic nutritionist, educator, writer, and consultant for 28 years.



Who is a wholistic nutritionist?

Many of my clients tell me how confused they feel amidst the avalanche of information about wholistic health, nutrition, fitness, herbs, supplements, and other healing approaches. They simply don’t know where to begin or which sources to trust. I provide you experience-based and research-based information that will empower you to make better decisions about your own health, as well as the health of people you care about.

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Remember: Eat well to be well! Your health depends on it.


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“refresh, renew, repair, and rejuvenate your health”

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Wholistic Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant

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