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"I am pleased for the opportunity to publicly thank Dr. Pavka for helping me restore my body to good health. Before January of 2009, I had always been healthy, exercised, drank milk, took my calcium with vitamin D and had good eating habits. My weight has been 120 pounds, I have healthy blood pressure, and I take no prescription medication on a regular basis. Therefore, I was shocked to be diagnosed with osteoporosis. In addition, I was having some digestive issues with gas, anal itching, dry skin and itching, and frequent burping. I just thought that it may have been a part of normal aging. In the fall of 2009, I developed a serious case of hives. In January, 2010 I was diagnosed with a bladder infection and learned that my glucose was rising, as well as my cholesterol. And I clearly had a digestive problem so I saw Dr. Pavka that month. She changed my multi-

vitamin, prescribed a supplement to aid digestion and recommended various foods specific to my unique situation. It is June 2010 as I write this and I no longer notice the burps, itching has ceased and gas is controlled by changes in my diet and drinking lots of water. What I learned from Dr. Pavka was that no matter how hard one tries to control body functions from the outside with exercise, diet, meds, if one's body is not in balance and able to absorb, process and use what is ingested, all those outside efforts do not matter. I am feeling better and so grateful for Dr. Pavka's advice and continued support."

-T. J., M.Div, Ph.D., Fairview, NC



"I love talking with Dr. Pavka, her humanity, grace, warmth, insight and wisdom are wonderful medicine. Out of my choice to improve things on my own, I explored numerous different dietary options, and I finally gave up. After all the self-exploration I was worsening. She had me exclude 2 things from my diet and suddenly the changes I sought started to happen. Over time I have tried different supplements, but the brand she carries are so effective and of such good quality. Now I ask her what she has before I seek them elsewhere. I sincerely thank you for being there Dr. Pavka."

-DM, Asheville, NC



"After just one session with Dr. Pavka, she gave me the knowledge & confidence to make better eating choices. I started feeling better the very next day! I will be sure to refer any patients I think would benefit from your knowledge!"




"Dr. Elizabeth Pavka excels in combining a wide variety of medical traditions with current alternative and conventional therapy research to provide superior care and treatment options. As a patient with Crohn's disease I have greatly appreciated working with a nutritionist willing to explore treatment options ranging from diet (SCD, GAPS, FODMAP), digestive enzymes, neurotransmitters, to support for stress reduction, acupuncture, autohemotherapy, and intravenous vitamin therapy. As part of the strong Integrative Medicine community in Western North Carolina, Dr. Pavka has many colleagues to confer with and refer patients to, and she is continually bringing new information into our sessions.  I have been most impressed with Dr. Pavka's strong puzzle-solving desire to research and consider MY unique case, MY biochemical individuality. Her support and knowledge plays a key role in my treatment.  From my experience, I would highly recommend Dr. Pavka to patients struggling with weight control due to chronic illness or anyone looking for expert advice and access to biochemical testing from a care provider who will see you as a person, not a list of diagnoses."




“The building blocks for every cell and substance in your body and brain come from what you eat and drink and breathe.

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